FLO – Female Liaison Officer Guidelines


Role description: Each team should appoint one or more female liaison officers to act as a key link between management team, mentors, players and club executive.

Reports to: Club Children’s Officer (CCO)

Accountable to: Club Committee

General Responsibilities:

  • Female presence on the management team
  • Liaison person between players and management team/mentors
  • Ensure training and training methods are appropriate for females and target age group
  • Ensure club Code of Conduct is adhered to for coaches/mentors, players and parents
  • Act as an advisory resource for players
  • Organise logistics where required
  • Monitor drop out from team and report any unusual trends to CCO

Practical Responsibilities:


  • Ensure toilets are open
  • Take roll call and head count
  • Ensure no jewellery and all girls have gum shield
  • Supervise toilet trips
  • Be present- on the pitch- during training
  • Deal with any issues/injuries and ensure first aid kit is available
  • Keep an eye on belongings and ensure any left behind are collected
  • Wait until girls are all picked up.


  • Hang up jerseys on hooks by number
  • Write out team sheet/use team sheet to distribute jerseys
  • Ensure two coaches and FLO wear orange bibs
  • Ensure FLO is present in the dressing room and is the last to leave
  • Ensure no jewellery and all girls have gum shields
  • Take team photo before the game
  • Keep note of scores and scorers (if possible)
  • Collect and count jerseys
  • Ensure first aid kit is returned
  • Wait until all the girls are picked up.


If the FLO has identified any issues or causes for concern, she should discuss these first with the CCO and decide on a course of further action