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Missed opportunities cost Div 1 ladies

By dunshaughlinsecretarybng Wed 23rd Jun

Missed opportunities  cost Div 1 ladies
Missed opportunities  cost Div 1 ladies

Adult Div 1 – Match Report
Dunshaughlin Royal Gaels v Simonstown
Full Time Score:
Royal Gaels 1-07

Simonstown 2-07
The sun was shining down in Dunshaughlin HQ on Tuesday night but if you were standing in the shade writing a match report, t’was a cold one! Both teams were evenly matched for the first quarter with nice balls worked up and down the pitch. Midfielders Petra Reilly and Mary McDonagh spent the first 15 mins gliding up and down the pitch. Ciara Gorman was unlucky to meet the crossbar early on but that didn’t stop her efforts for the rest of the game. Orlagh McLoughlin found the hands of our players with the kickouts throughout the game but we struggled to convert the shots. Standout moments in the first quarter included; Laura Ryan winning a crucial ball, a super tackle by Laura Quinn, Susie tracking the whole way back to the full backs from full forward and turning over the ball and Orlagh taking flight and saving a hard shot by Simonstown that was unfortunately converted in the end. Simonstown saw out the first quarter in the lead by 1-02 to no score.
In the second quarter, we came out of the blocks and started to get awarded for all of the hard work the girls were putting in and we started converting chances. Ella Moyles got us on the scoreboard with a super point 5 mins into the quarter. 23 mins in, Karla Kealy ran from half back up the pitch to lay it off to Ciara who then passed it off seamlessly to Susie O’Rourke who smashed it in the back of the net. What a shot! Sonia Leonard put her body on the line several times and the quarter finished up 1-01 to 1-04 to the Navan rivals. We were back in the game!
Third quarter came and we were back to where we wanted to be, one kick of the ball away from levelling up with the Navan side. The whole team worked well and created many chances and created scores at times especially Laura Murray who finished up the night with a tally of 4 points from her lovely left boot. 5 mins into the third quarter, Orlagh McLoughlin was tested again and took flight to save a powerful shot. It was an excellent save by our keeper, but the rebound caught us in the end and Simonstown stuck it in the back of the net. Some great blocks were carried out by the girls, but the 3rd quarter ended with Royal Gaels 4 points down going into the last 15 minutes. Royal Gaels 1-05 to Simonstown 2-06.
Ciara Gorman added another point to her tally and got us off to flying start in the 4th quarter with a peach of a free kick. Royal Gaels battled with Simonstown for the whole quarter and it was nip and tuck. Great turnovers were won by all players on the field and we got to a place where there was only a goal in it. High ball was kicked into Emma Kennedy towards the end and she jumped like Michael Jordan but unfortunately couldn’t connect and make a score of it. The clock ran away from us and the game ended 1-07 to 2-07 to Simonstown. Overall, it was a great performance by both teams. Special mention must go to Sonia Leonard who had a woman of the match performance that was recognised by the whole squad. Congratulations to Simonstown and we look forward to seeing you again as the year progresses.
Scores: Ella Moyles (0-1), Laura Murray (0-4), Susie O’Rourke (1-0), Ciara Gorman (0-2)

By dunshaughlinsecretarybng Wed 23rd Jun

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