Adult league Div 4 Royal Gaels v Blackhall Gaels

Posted on: Tuesday, June 29th 2021 by Dave Reid

Match Report –
Div 4 League Round 3
Dunshaughlin Royal Gaels v Blackhall Gaels

Final score:
Royal Gaels 5-24
Blackhall Gaels 2-07

Dunshaughlin Royal Gaels ladies got their second win of the league in a high scoring game against Blackhall Gaels at home on Friday evening 25th June. Dunshaughlin dominated at both ends of the pitch throughout. The first score started with great defending by full back and Captain for the night Laura Ryan, clearing the ball to wing back Roisin Bruce who ran the pitch and scored a point. This was followed by scores from young duo Lauren Brophy and Niamh McEntee. A chance for McEntee dropped short but Maeve Scanlon got the rebound and sent it straight to the back of the net to score Dunshaughlins first goal. Turnovers from wing backs Leah Sheridan and Bruce, combined with great running from Ciara ‘side-step’ Galvin and young Ella Moyles led to more scores from Emma Kennedy and McEntee. Blackhall Gaels scored a goal from the ball rebounding off the post, but this was the only the blip in a solid Dunshaughlin defence, who were strong working the ball out through the hands. Ella Moyles turned over the ball in the middle of the pitch, and her run though the forwards finished with the ball in the back of the net. Kennedy followed with another goal from a kick for a point that slipped over the goalie’s head. McEntee added two more scores, along with Scanlon and Kennedy, leading to a half time score of 3.14 to 1.2. Blackhall Gaels got a few more scores in the second half but Dunshaughlin remained the dominant side to the end. Scores came from Scanlon, Brophy, Kennedy and McEntee early on, with some great turnovers by corner back Cathy Quinn and Sheridan. Brophy added another goal to the scoresheet from a free and there was more great running from Galvin and Bruce. In the last minutes of the game, Captain Ryan made a passionate run forward from full back to the opposite goal and was unlucky to hit the post. Fortunately, Scanlon was ready with the rebound and the ball ended up in the goal, leaving the final score at an impressive 5.24 to 2.7. A great win for the girls, who will be looking to maintain this winning momentum for their next game. There were no injuries, apart from the carpal tunnel suffered by Laura Quinn from using the score board remote. Scores: R Bruce (0-1) M Scanlan (2-04) N McEntee (0-07) Emma Kennedy (1-07) E Moyles (1-01) L Brophy (1-03)