Role of the Coaching Officer


The position of the Club Coaching Officer is a new and exciting position within the executive of Dunshaughlin & Royal Gaels Club. It will become one of the most prestigious and sought-after positions on the executive of ambitious and progressive GAA clubs over the next few years. The Club Coaching Officer will have at least a Level 1 Coaching Qualification.



The officer will coordinate the activities of the club coaches and managers to provide a safe, smooth and rewarding progression for all its players from U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, Minor, U21, Junior and Senior through the Pathway to Elite Performance (PEP). To achieve this, the Club Coaching Officer will arrange periodic meetings of all coaches and managers as a sub-committee of the Club.




    * Club School Link


The Club Coaching Officer will forge close links with the local national and secondary schools to monitor the participation and progress of all the club’s players within the schools’ system. The officer will help co-ordinate a balanced programme of training, rest and games between school and club activities.


    * Player Welfare


The Club Coaching Officer will have a key role in ensuring that players are afforded adequate rest and recovery periods between training sessions and have appropriate diagnosis and treatment of injuries. The officer should also mediate between the variety of team coaches that young players find themselves working with. Most importantly in today’s climate the Club Coaching Officer, with his committee,  should monitor the progress of all players so that they are not subjected to an over intensive programme.


    * Vhi Cúl Camp Coordinator


The Club Coaching Officer will be responsible for organising a high-quality Vhi Cúl Camp for all the children of the locality from 7 up to 13 years of age. Remember for many children, and particularly for those of new families in the community, the Vhi Cúl Camp will be their first introduction to your club. If it is a fun and rewarding experience for the child then he or she will want to continue his involvement with the club.


    * Best Practice


The Club Coaching Officer will ensure that best practice is promoted in the coaching and organisation of games at each age group, particularly underage. The Club nursery should focus on the development of appropriate skills for children aged 5 – 8. Within the 8-12 year old age group the Club Coaching Officer will ensure that the Go Games philosophy is nurtured and developed as a central part of the Club Coaching Programme. As young players progress into adolescence, the Club Coaching Officer will encourage the best players to participate in the County Schools of Excellence and Development Squads.


    * Coach Education


The Club Coaching Officer will promote the education and qualification of all coaches within the club. He will encourage all Club coaches to attend appropriate courses, workshops and seminars and receive coaching qualifications. He will support the recruitment and development of coaches within the club, e.g. by sourcing mentors etc.


    * Facilities & Resources Management


An essential function of the Coaching Officer should be to create a booking timetable of pitches and training equipment so each team and its mentors get a fair share of scarce and valuable Club facilities. This will promote an atmosphere of harmony and respect within the Club family.


It is the responsibility of the Coaching Officer and committee to nurture young coaches and to provide – but most importantly to ensure that – a consistent programme of games, supported and complimented by quality coaching sessions, is provided for all our players.